French Navy Frigate  FS LANGUEDOC D 653 visits Haifa, Israel

The FREMM (“European multi-purpose frigate”; French: Frégate européenne multi-mission; Italian: Fregata europea multi-missione) is a class of multi-purpose frigates designed byDCNS/Armaris and Fincantieri for the French and Italian Navy. The lead ship of the class, AQUITAINE  was commissioned in November 2012 by the French Navy. In France the class is known as the AQUITAINE CLASS while in Italy they are known as the BERGAMINI CLASS. 

The Toulon Based Anti-submarine warfare role frigate  FS LANGUEDOC D 653  entered Haifa, Israel on a courtesy visit on Thursday 27th July, 2017 assisted by 2 tugs ILAN I and ELAD.